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FilmEU_RIT will increase the Alliance’s competiveness and reinforce its ability to develop activities that span all the areas of the knowledge square: education, research, innovation, and service to society, while helping the creative sector to affirm its potential for innovation and resilience in a post COVID-19 context.

FILMEU_RIT’s main objective is the capacitation, in Research and Innovation terms, of the individual HEIs that integrate the Alliance via the joint design of strategies and action plans that ensure the transformation of the future European University into an Institution that puts Research and Innovation n the fields of Film and Media Arts at the centre of its activities and operates as a highly valuable critical cultural intermediary. This implies that by 2025 FILMEU must be constituted as an exemplary collaborative structure able to deepen the cooperation between all members of the Alliance and foster their ability to act locally, regionally, and globally in the cultural and creative industries and across other societal areas they impact. The Alliance will implement cooperatively designed policies and action plans in order to increase the profile of Film and Media Arts innovation and research, and develop projects supported by a common agenda for artistic practice-based research that, in a critical and reflexive manner, exploits technologies, consolidates alternative paths for PhDs in this field, and reinforces the societal impact of the knowledge produced in the institutions that integrate the alliance.

Specific Objectives

  • To promote the relevance of artistic research;
  • To activate the research carried out in the Alliance;
  • To benchmark our proposal with a variety of successful models for institutional transformation at the R&I level and define a model for the successful deployment of research and innovation activities in non-research intensive higher education institutions;
  • To enable students, staff and teachers across all partner institutions with critical thinking, technical, and methodological skills that allow them to undertake research activities and can enhance student learning by joining theory with experience and thought with action;
  • To support and promote the restructuring of funding policies and programmes at regional, national and European levels;
  • To promote the securing and embedding of practice-based third-cycle studies in Higher Arts Education;
  • To design and implement a network of centres of competences named “FILMEU HUB”;
  • To design and implement common virtual spaces and digital tools for collaboration;
  • To increase the ability of the Alliance to attract and retain talent;
  • To design and agree upon joint management and governance structures for research;
  • To implement a common framework for IP management and knowledge transfer namely in relation to the protection of creative rights and the development of projects with the industry;
  • To globally reinforce the ability of the Alliance to act locally and globally and help the overall artistic educational sector;
  • In the long-run, we seek to be recognized as a key critical cultural intermediary that develops relevant artistic practice-based research activities in the areas of Film and Media Arts at an International level;
  • In the long run we endeavour to contribute, through our activities, to the legitimization and recognition of the relevance of artistic research (AR).

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101035820.

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