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The Dream Machine / Expanded Memories project

Introducing you to another one of Expanded Memories art projects. These pictures here are about The Dream Machine, that has from the beginning evolved through three distinct developmental stages. Initially, the project was inspired by the world's oldest animation, found on a bowl, which illustrates a wild goat leaping to eat tree leaves. Following this, the team explored Arabic calligraphy to work on visual patterns based on a poem by Mahmoud Darwish. Lastly, they crafted the Dream Machine influenced by Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs' stroboscopic flicker device, the Dreamachine, which generates visual stimuli when viewed with closed eyes.

Looking forward, there are plans to further extend the Dream Machine concept into a Virtual Reality experience. This enhancement aims to broaden the project's narrative scope by placing it within an imaginary environment. Users will have the freedom to traverse and explore a range of different spaces, immersing themselves in a world where they can interact dynamically with light and shadow. The result will be a uniquely creative and dreamlike user experience.

published 24 November 2023modified 24 November 2023