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Lusófona University hosts European Universities meeting

On 16 May, the 4th Meeting of Portuguese Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) within European University Alliances took place at the Lusófona University (Lisbon, Portugal). These institutions recently formalised the creation of FOR.UE.PT, is a forum aimed at facilitating a coordinated response to common challenges, promoting mobility, and ensuring sustainable funding. Additionally, it will serve as a platform for sharing best practices and fostering deeper cooperation among national institutions.

The Lusófona University, coordinator of the FilmEU European University and the ÉTIKETA pilot project—which aimed to address the challenge proposed by the European Commission for the preliminary study on the future of European joint degrees—organised this meeting to enhance the discussion around the recently announced European Higher Education Package for 2024.

published 24 May 2024modified 31 May 2024