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Lusófona researcher speaks at Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

Last week, Tobias Frühmorgen from Lusófona University spoke at the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event about green production and sustainability together with Sten Saluveer as part of our joint CRESCINE project. Ulrike Rohn recorded a ScreenMEPodcast (ScreenME-Net) with Tobias ahead of this talk. They spoke about green production and the growing expectations placed on filmmakers and how having an entrepreneurial mindset can assist filmmakers in making a meaningful impact. Tobias teaches entrepreneurial mindset to film students (also as part of C-ACCELERATE), and he has lots of insights to share! The podcast episode with Tobias will be published soon.

Stay tuned and check the existing episodes here

published 28 November 2023modified 28 November 2023