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Lusófona hosts C-Accelerate Conference 13th and 14th May

From May 13th to May 14th, Lusófona University hosts the C-Accelerate Conference, an exhilarating journey into the realm of creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

During the morning session on the 13th, Keynote speakers and students take the floor at Fernando Lopes movie theatre. Sten-Kristian Saluveer presents “Fostering innovation in the film industry”, followed by Tupac on “Bulding entrepreneurial worlds”. Portuguese filmmaker Gabriel Abrantes talks about “How to produce a Portuguese horror film and take it to the US market”. Following this alumni and current students present case studies.

In the afternoon, both students and staff will immerse themselves in dynamic workshops, setting the stage for an enriching day that concludes with the presentation of the project "Mills on Mars."

The excitement continues on the next day as students and staff delve deeper into the workshops, culminating in two student showcases back at the Fernando Lopes movie theatre.

Full program available here.

published 10 May 2024modified 10 May 2024