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LUCA Alumni selected for Cannes International Film Week!

A crazy documentary adventure that knows no end for LUCA campus Brussels/ Narafi alumni Anouck Ramaut (BE) & Gilles Van Damme (BE).

With their graduation film ‘Evermore’ they secure a third nomination and what a one. They are part of the selection of the Cannes International Film Week within the category: Documentary Short Films.

Their short documentary ‘Evermore’ tells the story of three young adults: Eline, Kodou and Dries. A few years ago, they all lost a parent to a long-term illness. They share how they coped with that loss and what difficulties they encountered during that process. Each of them found their own way to give their grief a place.

Watch their Documentary Short Film ‘Evermore’ on the Cannes website still until 30 May

Read more about the Cannes Film Week:

published 20 May 2024modified 20 May 2024