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FilmEU Unconscious Bias Training for the Creative and Cultural Industries

Have you heard of unconscious bias, but are unsure what it really means? Would you like to examine the impact unconscious bias has within the creative and cultural industries? Join us for this session to help you develop an understanding and awareness of how unconscious bias works, and learn strategies to help reduce its negative impact.

In the creative and cultural industries, we often work in roles where we create media, or support the creation of media, that is consumed by the masses. With this role comes the responsibility of telling stories that fairly and accurately reflect the diversity of our world. If we do not understand the concept of unconscious bias, then we cannot ensure that the media that we create does not endorse negative stereotypes. These stereotypes and unconscious biases can also affect the way we work in diverse, multi-national teams.

In this online workshop, IADT’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team will explore what unconscious bias is and how it can manifest in our creative and professional work. We will provide strategies for helping to check our biases, and steps to introduce into your work to ensure we are staying alert to these biases.

Session outline:

  • Statistics from creative and cultural industries across Europe
  • What unconscious bias is and how it impacts our judgement
  • Different types of bias
  • How unconscious bias can play out in the creative and cultural industries and the negative impact it can have
  • How unconscious bias can play out within work relationships within diverse, multi-national teams
  • Practical tools and techniques to help address and mitigate unconscious bias in your working lives

Date: Jun 11, 2024

Registration here.

published 21 May 2024modified 27 May 2024