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FilmEU_RIT Pilot ARCF represented at the Euro Cine Expo in Munich

FilmEU_RIT ARCF pilot team member Maarten Coëgnarts (LUCA) gave a talk at the Euro Cine Expo in München where the film and TV world comes together with an emphasis on cinematography and the latest production techniques. In his talk entitled “The Art of Cinematography: Why Motion Matters in Film”, he defended the claim that cinematographers are not only technicians, but also artists who use their creative skills to tell stories and convey thoughts about their subject matter. This claim was further illustrated with various examples from the history of cinema that shows how cinematographers shape motion into complex rhythms that could possibly couch abstract representational or narrative meanings.

Copyright of photos = © Jaime Lopez Diez

published 10 July 2024modified 10 July 2024