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FilmEU Erasmus Mundus Masters films selected to important festivals

Erasmus Mundus master films from DocNomads, Kino Eyes and RE:Anima were selected for important film festivals around the world.

From DocNomads, What I Talk About When I Talk About Secrets by Sujay Iyer, Dreams About Putin by Nastia Korkia, and Falling by Anna Gymesi were presented in the 15th Millenium International Film Festival held between 15 and 22 March in Brussels.

As for Kino Eyes, A Mother Goes to the Beach was selected for the 33th Festival Curta Cinema - Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival, and Below the Window for ClujShorts International Film Festival.

RE:Anima's Ser Semila will be present at Animafest Zagreb 2024, LISBIFF - Lisboa Indie Film Festival, followed by Cherry, Passion Fruit which will also be at Animafest Zagreb 2024.

published 27 March 2024modified 27 March 2024