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Colonial Propaganda - How to show and how to question?

The Panorama of the Congo by Paul Mathieu and Alfred Bastien (1913) is a prime example of 20th-century colonial propaganda. It was produced to convince the Belgians to colonise and invest in the Congo, promoting a positive colony image without any signs of violence reported in European newspapers. Due to its controversial nature, it was kept hidden for almost a century. Its current exhibition at MUHNAC raises questions and sparks a debate that extends to other propaganda images that are still kept, particularly in Portugal. These issues will be addressed by historian Matthew G. Stanard (Berry College, Georgia, USA), a specialist in European colonial propaganda, and discussed by historian Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo (Univ. Coimbra), as well as the exhibition curators Victor Flores (Univ. Lusófona) and Linda King (IADT, Dublin).

published 31 May 2024modified 31 May 2024