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I Am Not The One I Am

“Over the years, time has become my ally, as has every woman. I became invisible, transparent. I can move like a ghost, look over people’s shoulders, listen to their arguments and watch them sleep with their heads on their backpacks or talk to themselves, unaware of my presence.” This confrontational and sincere sentence from Olga Tokarczuk's 'FLIGHTS' characterises the film's main character. I AM NOT THE ONE I AM exploring an ambivalent universe that combines the search for self, the desire to disappear, beliefs, intrigue, island dynamics, cultures, but also a subtle approach and exploration of the fine line between truth and lies. The film begins with a trip to the island. The woman, played by Louise Bailly, travels alone. Her silent observation of the people around her and the island tells a story without dialogue. The story unfolds slowly, intertwined with scenes from the hospital, where the woman’s identity is sought. At its core, I AM NOT WHO I AM is a study of the character of a woman who tries to break free and, despite social conventions, escape the control of the people around her. Amnesia tries to resist all attempts to explore the truth.
I Am Not The One I Am
Fiction: drama – tragedy - portrait
Luna Brusselaers Srsen
Luna Brusselaers Srsen
Executive Producer
Luna Brusselaers Srsen
First Assistant Director
Dhiaa Biya
Gaston Pepin Struye
Luna Brusselaers Srsen
Sound Designer
Aulona Fetahaj
Art Director
Costume Designer
Image Post-Production
Matko Vodopija
Sound Post-Production
Toma Sirok
  • Louise Bailly
  • Roko Roca
  • Pero Radic
  • Nikolina Krupec
  • Jelica Cucevic
  • Ante Tonci
  • Voice Over: Louise Bailly

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LUCA School of Arts, campus Sint-Lukas