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Episode 3 - Ivan Bértolo

Meet Ivan Bértolo, our special guest on the latest episode of the FilmEu Podcast! This episode was recorded with our Portuguese audiovisual team, so it's in Portuguese for now. But don't worry, English episodes are on their way! Stay tuned for more updates!

In this episode, Portuguese film and sound students will get to know Ivan, a finalist in the sound design bachelor course at Lusófona University in Portugal. Join Ivan and Daniela D'or as they share their insights and experiences in the world of sound design and their journey through the course.

Listen now and stay tuned for more exciting episodes coming your way! 

Host: Daniela D'Or (Lusófona University)
Guest: Ivan Bértolo
Production: Carolina Santos & Anna Coutinho
Sound and post-production: Afonso Pinto
Technical Support: Afonso Brandão
Photography: Filipa Valente

Listen to the episode on Spotify.