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Episode 1 - Rita Mata

Rita Mata embarked on her artistic journey at a young age, engaging in contemporary dance for six years, participating in various photography workshops (both digital and analogue, including pinhole techniques), and taking music classes from 2008 to 2013.
In 2012, Rita joined an amateur theatre group, and by 2015, she gained admission to a professional theatre school (EPTC), where her passion for the performing arts shifted to backstage roles. Graduating in 2018, Rita completed her course with an internship as a 2nd Assistant Director at Teatro Experimental de Cascais (TEC).
Currently, Rita is a Cinema graduate from Lusófona University, primarily working as a 1st Assistant Director and/or Project Manager.
Notably, Rita was among the initial Audiovisual Team Members of FilmEU.

Host: Daniela D'Or (Lusófona University)
Guest: Rita Mata
Production: Carolina Santos & Anna Coutinho
Sound and post-production: Afonso Pinto
Technical Support: Afonso Brandão
Photography: Filipa Valente

Listen to the episode on Spotify.