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Bratislava / Slovakia

The Film and Television Faculty is part of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Its mission is to maintain a high professional standard of education in two study fields: arts and sciences, and culture.

The faculty provides education to exceptionally talented students, nurturing their talents and artistic abilities and guiding them towards deepening their individual artistic expression. It contributes to the cultivation of the audiovisual field and helps maintain awareness of the high national cultural standard.

The faculty emphasizes the adoption of high professional standards in all basic film professions and guides students towards deep theoretical and practical knowledge. In accredited study programs at all three levels of education, it provides space for the creative development of individual artistic talent.

The Film and Television Faculty is a significant cultural institution, significantly enriching the cultural space of Bratislava through the public presentation of student film projects and gaining significant recognition at international festivals and exhibitions for Slovakia.

It has shaped most of the most prominent contemporary Slovak filmmakers of the younger generation, who are recognized and appreciated in the international film context.

It opens doors to all those who still hope that it is possible to avoid superficiality and creatively fulfill the need for artistic reflection of the world, for all those who combine personal sensitivity with intellect, inner spontaneity, and a sense of formal experimentation.

Study in artistic programs is primarily based on the creation of student fiction, documentary, and animated films. Educators approach students individually in an effort to support their unique talent, artistic and personal development, original perspective on the world, distinctive style, and desire to bring bold stories about the world they live in to the screen.

In the theoretical study program of Film Studies, students are prepared for a career as film theorists and critics.

Our students have presented their films at international events in Munich, Athens, Ljubljana, Vienna, Manchester, Hong Kong, Florida, Madrid, New Delhi, Seoul, Moscow, and Rio de Janeiro. This is just a brief overview of their participation, during which students of the Film and Television Faculty received a total of 24 significant international awards in the past year.