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Vytautas Dambrauskas

Head of film and TV department LMTA, Film and Commercial Director

Vytautas Dambrauskas, born and residing in Vilnius, Lithuania, is a dedicated filmmaker and educator with a rich background in film art. After earning his Bachelor's (2005) and Master's (2014) degrees in Film Art and Film Editing from the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy, Vytautas chose to share his knowledge and passion by teaching, nurturing the next generation of Lithuanian filmmakers for over eight years at the same academy.
With a creative career spanning over two decades, Vytautas has made significant contributions to the film and commercial industry as a director in Lithuania and abroad. His portfolio includes a diverse range of work, from commercials and music videos to short fictions, feature documentaries, and contributions to TV series among other projects.
From 2022, Vytautas has taken on a pivotal role as the head of the Film and TV department at the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy. In this capacity, he has been instrumental in advancing Lithuanian film education, steering it towards national and international recognition as the National Film School. His commitment to education and the arts reflects his humble, sincere approach to both his work and his students, aiming to inspire and elevate the filmmaking landscape in Lithuania.