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Teresa Mendes Flores

Teresa Mendes Flores is the principal investigator of the Photo Impulse project at ICNOVA where she coordinates the Culture, Mediation and Arts research group, and is a member of the board of direction. Currently she is one of the main editors of the Journal of Communication and Languages (ISSN 2183-7198). Previously funded projects in which she participated as a researcher include: Feminine Politics – Gender Politics and Strategies Oriented Towards Visibility of Women Members of Parliament (2008-2011), History of the Visual Culture of Medicine in Portugal (2010-2013), Culture at the Front Page – A Study of the Portuguese Newspapers During the First Decade of This Century (2012-2014), Stereo Visual Culture – The Visual Culture of Portuguese Stereoscopic Photography (2012-2015). For her postdoctoral degree she studied the Photography of the Portuguese Scientific Expeditions (2012-2017), she lectures in the fields of semiotics, visual media archaeology and image theory, focusing on photography and film.