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Steven Malliet

Steven Malliet is a lecturer and researcher at LUCA School of Arts, where he teaches Meaningful Play and art-based research. He is a member of the academic board of the Re:Anima Erasmus Mundus master program in animation film. He is active in several research projects that involve the creation of game and interaction rules within artistic and applied contexts, in addition to investigating the relationship between music and visuals in audiovisual media production (for instance Seeing Sound ). He has designed a number of educational games, among others Friendly Attac. His academic research addresses the socio-psychological determinants of digital game play and the methodology of game text analysis – topics on which he has published in international journals. He is co-editor of two books: ‘Vice City Virtue: Moral Issues in Digital Game Play’ and ‘The Borders of Subculture: Resistance and the Mainstream’.