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Selina Guinness

Gender, Artistic Research, Queer Theory, Indentity

As Academic Coordinator for Doctoral Provision in the IADT Research Office, my current role is to lead the development of strategic partnerships with national and European HEIs to build IADT's post-graduate provision and supervisory capacity in fundamental, applied, and artistic research.

As Lecturer in English at The Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT), Dun Laoghaire, Dublin in 1999, my publications address:

1. The Irish Literary Revival, with a focus on transnational reform movements and occultism (theosophy). I am particularly interested in the disruption of national, socio-economic, and sectarian identities by converts, emigrés, and defectors.
2. Contemporary poetics, with a focus on transnational Irish poetry, gender and the body.
3. Creative practice, particularly where creative non-fiction, writing as practice, and the contemporary visual arts intersect in Ireland.

My PhD in Creative and Critical Writing (Manchester University) was awarded for a political novel set in contemporary Budapest. The story reunites a returned emigrée sculptor with her foster daughter, and draws on the lost wax method and drone photography to disrupt autochthonous cultural identities with complex ties and queer kinships.

My current research draws on my own farming experience (The Crocodile by the Door) to investigate how contemporary visual arts practice and memoir in Ireland refigure rural identity in the anthropocene.