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Martina Mullaney

Feminism, Maternal, Social, Documentary, Community, Activism, Political, Women, Liberation, Radio, Moving Image, Video, Installation, Photography, Audio

Martina Mullaney is a visual artist she holds an MA from the Royal College of Art, London and AHRC funded Ph.D. in art from the University of Reading. Her research asks ‘how art on and of maternity can transcend its own audience? She is a recipient of the Red Mansion Art Prize, where she made work in China. Through the invitation of the British Council, she was artist in residence in Sri Lanka and Tbilisi Geoirgia. Her work has been exhibited with Yossi Milo Gallery, New York, Franekel Gallery, San Francisco, Artwall Gallery, Prague and Cork Film Center, Ireland. She convened The Missing Mother Conference in 2020 and is co-editor with Dr. Andrea O’Reilly and Demeter Press, on a forthcoming publication of the same name. She founded Enemies of Good Art in London after the birth of her child. She is currently a Post-Doctoral Researcher on the IRC/AHRC funded Feminist Art Making Histories Research Project with IADT/Loughborough University.