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Martin Hansen

Executive Senior Adviser, Cultural and Creative Industry, Strategy development, Educational development, Bridging curriculum, Research and development, Music and Film, Public Governance

Martin serves as an Executive Senior Adviser at VIA University College. He has 25 years of experience working with HEIs in the areas of Pedagogic, Engineering, Social, Business and the Cultural and Creative Industry. He has specialized in developing strategy and new educational programmes within the Cultural and Creative Industries since 2008.
His main activities and responsibilities are market strategy, educational development, quality assurance, R&I programs, developing organizations and their processes and political advising. His professional journey has seen him actively engaged in steering groups and assuming pivotal roles in initiatives within the educational and cultural-creative sectors, such as entrepreneurship endeavors and EU projects like the European Capital of Culture.
Martin has edited and authored anthologies and papers related to education and creative professions. He also has professional experience as musician, teacher and composer.
Martin holds a Master of Arts degree in music and film, complemented by a Master's in Public Governance.