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Marc Van De Walle

Is a Senior Lecturer BA Film-TV-Video at LUCA, teaching and training BA students Film both on a theoretical basis and coaching in projects and workshops within the disciplines of editing, directing and storytelling. He is a mentor in the 2nd year production of 6 fictional shorts every year, guiding the student-director from script to screen as well as tutoring last year’s students in their Documentary Graduation Project.

As former Course Director of the BA film department, he was using his organizing and communications skills to coach 33 trainers and over 300 Undergrad Students during the last 6 years. In 2017 the Board of Directors LUCA appointed him as Vice-Dean Undergraduate Programs for developing and communicating the vision and policy within 5 Undergraduate Programs. After moving to the US, Marc joined the Board of HSA Lafayette Elementary School in Washington, DC.

Beyond these management skills, he possesses hands-on expertise in directing, editing and overall shooting. As a fully trained editor, he has gained extensive experience in the media sector working for Belgian and European television stations and is still producing stories on the US 2020 elections. The last few years he has worked as one of the film experts for a creative impact consultancy engaged in socio-political projects and as a Program Screener for DC environmental Film Festival in the US. At the moment he is finalizing a research project within LUCA school of Arts called iFiction, investigating the cross-over from classical storytelling to 360VR.