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Laure Verbruggen

Challenges, People, Society, Inclusion and connection

Master Social & Cultural Studies (VUB, Brussels), Master Film & Visual Culture (UA, Antwerp).
Always followed her first big loves, people and the arts, whether it is performing or visual, behind the scenes or in front. Started her career as advisor for artists, to dive into the deep after five years as manager for A Two Dogs Company, the production structure of Brussels based artist Kris Verdonck. Working closely together with one artist offered a wealth of insights into creative processes or more simply: how to make things happen.
And as it happened … there was a chance to broaden horizons as project manager, brought along by the European Festivals Association and The Festival Academy, an initiative facilitating critical reflection between artists, arts and society through training programmes organised across the globe.
Throughout combined with project work for a.o. Bâtard Festival, Mophradat, Johan Grimonprez and still ongoing: initiator of a local ICORN residency (temporary safe havens for prosecuted artists).
The international and diverse perspective, the bridging platfrom, bringing people together that might not have met otherwise, starting from the core of it all, the arts, the artists and the link to audiences and society: today delighted to be based at LUCA School of Arts, where it all blends together in the ambitions of FilmEU+.