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Griet Vanhemel

Students, Visual Storytelling, Creative Skills Course, Digital Design, Studio Groa, Role-Playing & Educational Games, Community Building, Concept creation

In my role with FilmEU, I lead initiatives such as clubs, the cineclub, FilmEU Talks, and helm the FilmEU AV student team at LUCA, aiming to create a vibrant community that enriches our curriculum with film & media arts-related activities. This engagement offers students and teachers unique opportunities to learn and connect.
At LUCA Campus C-Mine, I educate TV-Film students in Visual Storytelling, basic drawing, and production fundamentals. Additionally, I offer an online Creative Skills course for all interested in Visual Storytelling. My teaching methodology is enriched by my love for UX design and a strong background in animation, allowing me to blend technical skills with creative concept development, making learning engaging and comprehensive.
My entrepreneurial journey led to the founding of Studio Groa, where we specialize in developing game content tailored separately for adults and children. This distinction allows us to cater to a wide audience with diverse needs and preferences. A significant highlight of my career was the conceptualization and development of the preschool series Uki. Born out of my passion for animation and concept creation, Uki represents a major milestone, earning a nomination at the Kidscreen Awards in 2010 for its innovative approach to preschool entertainment. For more on this project, visit This journey reflects my commitment to combining educational values with entertainment, aiming to inspire through engaging visual stories and interactive experiences.