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Filipa Valente

Hello, I'm Filipa, born in 2003, and a cinema enthusiast. Currently, I am a cinema student with a deep interest in audiovisual production and photography, constantly seeking ways to express my creativity through the lens of the camera.
Beyond the realm of cinema, I am a gymnast at heart. Since the age of 2, I immersed myself in this challenging and rewarding universe. In 2014, I took a step further by becoming a competitive athlete. Gymnastics is not just a sport for me; it's a journey that teaches me perseverance, discipline, and joy in overcoming challenges.
With a curious mind and keen eyes, I am always exploring new ways to visually tell stories, whether through the screens of cinema or the graceful performances on the gymnastics mat. I look forward to continuing to grow both as a cinema student and an athlete, always in search of new ways to inspire and evoke emotions through my passions.
I’m a member of the FILMEU Audiovisual team, I work has a photographer and editor in the team.