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David Quin

David Quin has lectured in Animation in IADT since 1999, predominantly with the DL832 Animation Stage 3 undergraduate students. David Quin’s work with undergraduate students centres around questions of client interaction and information transfer, communicating difficult subjects to diverse audiences through animation. David Quin is also involved in action research and international collaboration in the field of higher education teaching and learning. David Quin is also IADT coordinator on two International Credit Mobility (ICM) projects and on an EU KA2 project (DESTIN). David Quin’s personal research work revolves around the exploration of animation as an experimental medium and questions of dedigitisation. David Quin is also heavily involved in Teaching and Learning. He’s been a member of the IADT Academic Council and IADT's Teaching and Learning Committee since 2010. From Jan 2014, David Quin became one of IADT's lead representatives on the TEMPUS ALIGN project, helping National Quality Assurance Agencies and Higher Education Institutions from Armenia, Ukraina and Russia to "achieve and check the alignment between academic programmes and qualification frameworks”. David Quin also works on international revalidation and programmatic review panels for agencies such as SKVC in Lithuania, AZVO in Croatia and NAKVIUS in Slovenia. From 2010, David Quin completed a series of Level 9 Teaching and Learning modules, culminating in a Postgraduate Diploma in Learning, Teaching and Assessment in 2013. He completed a Masters by Research in the Creative Arts in 2016 - his research project was entitled 'Disruptive Change and The Digital Turn in Irish Animation Filmmaking'. In 2017, David Quin was a member of IADT’s Award Winning DELTA Project Team.