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Andrea-Nicole Kostova

Editing, Adobe Creative Cloud, Davinci Resolve, Various cloud technologies

After completing her secondary education, she decided to pursue editing at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (NATFA) in Sofia. During her years of study at NATFA, Andrea demonstrated exceptional diligence and dedication to her academic tasks. She began actively exploring film editing, developing her skills both theoretically and practically. Andrea graduated with a degree in Film and TV Editing Directing from NATFA and pursued a master’s degree in film and TV Arts. As an assistant editor at NATFA, Andrea is involved in preparing materials, assisting in organizing workflow, and maintaining communication between directors and editors. She shows initiative and creativity in her work, constantly striving for perfection. Over time, Andrea-Nikol Kostova advances her career and becomes an integral member of the editing teams in various productions, both within the university context and in external projects.