Zoltán Bódi

Linguist, online media and Internet researcher, language planning expert. Research topics: media, Internet communication, public administration communication. Senior teacher at the SZFE, senior research fellow at the Institute for Hungarian Studies. He is a lecturer at different universities. He is teaching linguistics, rhetoric, stylistic, online media, communication, online communication studies for media students. He is a member of a special mentoring project for talented media students. He has experience in leading of Media and Communication Department, he has experience in higher education accreditation projects, curriculum development projects and student mentoring projects. He was taking part in Erasmus training programmes. He has international experience in Erasmus programs, he was project coordinator of an Erasmus Intensive Programme. He is the author and editor of several papers, books. He is developing and leading training programmes for public administration experts. He is leader of Supervisory Board of Hungarian Association of Applied Linguists and Language Teachers (MANYE).

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