The Golden Bear for Best Short 2021 Berlinale goes to … Nany Tudor (My uncle Tudor) of Olga Lucovnicova

Olga made this documentary as her graduation project for Master in Documentary Film at DocNomads, ULHT (Lisbon, Portugal), SZFE (Budapest, Hungary), LUCA – School of Arts (Brussels, Belgium)

Jury statement: “Olga Lucovnicova leads us through the complexity of unraveling a childhood trauma. While intimate details gradually introduce us to a seemingly idyllic world of innocent nostalgia, her conversation with her Uncle Tudor builds up to expose her childhood horror and his unrepentant denial. Lucovnicova’s subtle cinematic gaze circles around her family members with precision. Her personal courage combined with cinematic mastery creates a film that is both powerful and emotionally layered.”

  • Published: 20 May, 2021
  • Modified: 6 December, 2021

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