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Our Values

  • FILMEU puts creativity at the centre of all its activities and is committed to open and critical dialogue that sustains academic freedom; FILMEU is based on the conviction that active collaboration, in the form of alliances between complementary higher education institutions from various small and medium-sized European countries, is the only way to attain strategic goals with an international ambition and meaningful societal impact;
  • FILMEU defends the core European values of respect for diversity and human rights, and believes audio-visual culture and the arts play a crucial role in promoting a more equitable and diverse society;
  • FILMEU is committed to the promotion of open science and open access in all the outputs it produces, seeking to apply the contemporary principles of international co-production that underpin the European film industry to the production and sharing of academic knowledge;
  • FILMEU will constantly strive for transparency, putting public accountability at the centre of its dissemination processes;
  • FILMEU puts the students, teachers and administrative staff at the centre of its activities, regarding staff development, student engagement, and teachers’ empowerment as key components of the alliance;
  • FILMEU promotes equity, inclusion, and diversity while pledging to eliminate barriers of all kinds to higher education access, and hence to knowledge and the opportunities it creates;
  • FILMEU believes the performance of the alliance is greatly strengthened by the embeddedness of its activities in local and regional contexts;
  • FILMEU believes the consolidation of artistic-based and practice-led research activities in Europe is a requisite both for the fulfilment of the mission of higher education institutions working in the domains of the arts and for the legitimization of their key role in society. In this context, it is crucial to implement new and original forms of doctoral education that reinforce the knowledge triangle in the field and contribute to the bridging of the educational and research components of the Alliance’s mission.
  • FILMEU is committed to establishing a horizontal management structure that creates spaces of dialogue and interaction between all individuals and institutions, while ensuring everyone’s voice is heard and meaningfully contributes to the development and execution of Alliance activities.
  • FILMEU brings together four institutions that together congregate hundreds of students and thousands of alumni, plus hundreds of faculty and administrative and technical staff, representing the full diversity of European HEI. Currently these institutions offer more than 40 degrees in film and media arts, from bachelor to PhD, from local to European Joint Master degrees. These institutions look at FILMEU as an opportunity to reinforce past collaborations and greatly escalate their ability to intervene at a global level.
  • FILMEU is supported by a structure built upon collaboration and the design and implementation of a common mission based on shared values. By grounding our work in these values, European Higher Education institutions that constitute the Alliance can fully contribute to a better, richer and more humanistic society.
  • FILMEU pursues interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary education as core values to contemporary educational and research practices and positions the arts as a theoretical and empirical field at the intersection of different knowledge and competences that are central in contemporary societies.
  • FILMEU incorporates sustainability as a central value and is committed to examining and implementing sustainable practices at all levels of design and implementation.
  • FILMEU is based on the firm believe that the creative empowerment of individuals is crucial for the enhancement of all educational and scientific activities and the overall development of Europe.

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