SZFE University of Theatre and Film Arts

Budapest / Hungary

University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest is the only institution in Hungary to offer a university degree to prospective artists in theater, film and television. As other higher education institutions, private schools and studios also offer learning opportunities for young people with a commitment to the profession, the mission of the University of Theater and Film Arts is to create training conditions that are of the highest professional standard. Many successful life paths have started here, and many of the most outstanding consider it an honor to educate the generations that follow.

Today, the University of Theater and Film Arts is one of the most versatile institutions, one of the flagships of Hungarian cultural life, however the institution is not limited to one culture-specific objective but welcomes possibilities which enable the communication and cooperation on an international level. With the help of The Foundation for the University of Theater and Film Arts, the new operating model of our university can respond more quickly to economic needs, so our students can receive a competitive training and education that is more valuable in the labor market.


The University of Theatre and Film Arts is one of the few art institutions in the world that offers a wide variety of film and television training programs in addition to courses in theatre arts. The Vilmos Zsigmond Institute of Motion Picture Arts offers courses in the fields of film, documentary and television. We lay great emphasis on trainings in small groups and often a rather personalized curriculum helps us to bring the best out of our students. The faculty is composed of renowned artists and experts of Hungarian and international motion picture therefore mentorship plays an important role within the education process. Every year hundreds of final projects are done in the institute and many among them are equal to individual pieces of art as testified by the achievements at international and Hungarian festivals. 6×6, our latest form of training, combines former experiences, traditions and challenges modern motion picture faces. Film and television directors, cameramen, dramaturges, editors, dubbers and production assistants are taught at a joint course of six specializations. At the joint lessons and through fulfilling their common tasks, students learn together all what it takes to become a competitive expert in any field of motion picture. This results in creative partnerships that may serve as a basis for setting up creative workshops after graduation. The Institute offers two MA level documentary courses under the names DOKMA and Docnomads, both being international consortium trainings with the former having Hungarian and the latter English as the language of instruction. Our English language international consortium training for cameraman students, Viewfider, is also available. In all courses of the Vilmos Zsigmond Institute of Motion Picture Arts we are seeking to release proficient graduates who are capable of renewing themselves and their art.

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