Professor Joseph Tonda was interviewed by our Artistic Research Team - Congo VR

A few months ago, the renowned African anthropologist Joseph Tonda, visited Lisbon as a keynote speaker for the Counter-Image International Conference and the CONGO VR team got the chance to interview him about the Panorama du Congo. This interview will be part of a making-of-film documentary of the project and will contribute to bringing forward gazes and voices overlooked by colonial propaganda. Professor Tonda is a CONGO VR consultant and Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at Omar Bongo University in Libreville (Gabon). He is also the author of several articles and books, including Afrodystopie – La vie dans le rêve d’Autrui [Karthala, 2021]; The Modern Sovereign: The Body of Power in Central Africa (Congo, Gabon) [Karthala 2005 / Seagull Books 2020], La Guérison Divine en Afrique Centrale (Congo, Gabon) [Karthala 2003].

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