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DEADLINE EXTENDED - FilmEU Artistic Research Exhibition 2023

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Jasper Vrancken©JoVoets

ARE 2023 - Peripheral Perspectives

FilmEU Artistic Research Exhibition 2023

Genk, Belgium, 2 October and online from 8 October

FilmEU (The European University for Film and Media Arts) strives to develop and reinforce the field of artistic research in European Higher Education, promoting the relevance of cultural and aesthetic values across Europe. FilmEU, currently brings together four European Higher Education Institutions: Lusófona University from Lisbon, Portugal; Tallinn University’s BFM (Baltic Film, Media and Arts School) from Estonia; LUCA School of Arts from Brussels, Belgium; and IADT (Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology) from Dublin, Ireland.

We stand at a pivotal moment in the history and the development of artistic research in Europe, when models of funding, supervision and assessment are under scrutiny. It is vital that we create a public space for displaying and debating artistic research outside the walls of academia.

In 2023, the exhibition will bring to an international arena work that is currently hidden and out of the spotlight. In a hunt for what is peripheral, the aim is to bring visibility to that which lies hidden in academic departments, and to enrich the debate on artistic research. Peripheral Perspectives addresses a topic of major importance for art universities and contemporary practitioners in the creative arts: the function and relevance of creative work within the university terrain and its affinity with research practices.

Who can submit

Postgraduate researchers of any nationality and academic level, who specialise in artistic research. Researchers need to be affiliated to an academic institution. Non-European institutions are accepted.

Special notes

  • Applications from researchers external to FilmEU are most welcomed and greatly encouraged. Two artistic research works from researchers outside FilmEU will be selected and two artistic research works from each of the FilmEU institutions will also be chosen. The total of artistic research works to be shown at ARE 2023 will be 10.
  • The selected works will receive two reviews from international reviewers.
  • By submitting their work, all applicants grant full permission for their work to be exhibited in the FilmEU galleries, both in presence and online.

Guidelines for submission

  • Work must be audiovisual or media-based work based on artistic research practice
  • All artistic research works need to be submitted in a downloadable video format (referrably mp4) for selection. Please note that works will be displayed on a single or multiple screens, with minimal technical set up.
  • Works need to be a maximum of 2 years old.
  • The work presented can be either finished work or preliminary work that can be presented as a finished artistic project on its own.
  • Works should be submitted with an accompanying abstract of no more than 350 words, excluding the title. This accompanying document can include images but should not exceed an A4 page and needs to include a link to the applicant´s CV.
  • Works will be selected by an international committee specialised in the field of artistic research.
  • Deadline for submission is Friday 23 June 2023. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by Friday 30 June 2023.

Submissions and queries should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Selection Committee

  • Elen Lotman - Tallinn University, Estonia
  • Érica Faleiro Rodrigues - Lusófona University, Portugal
  • Ils Huygens – LUCA School of Arts, Belgium
  • Lies Van de Vijver - LUCA School of Arts, Belgium
  • Martina Mullaney - IADT, Ireland
  • Teet Teinemaa - Tallinn University, Estonia
  • published 09 May 2023
  • modified 15 June 2023