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Lusófona researcher speaks at Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

Last week, Tobias Frühmorgen from Lusófona University spoke at the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event about green production and sustainability together with Sten Saluveer as part of our joint CRESCINE project. Ulrike Rohn recorded a ScreenMEPodcast (ScreenME-Net) with Tobias ahead of this talk. They spoke about green production and the growing expectations placed on filmmakers and how having an entrepreneurial mindset can assist filmmakers in making a meaningful impact. Tobias teaches entrepreneurial mindset to film students (also as part of C-ACCELERATE), and he has lots of insights to share! The podcast episode with Tobias will be published soon.

Stay tuned and check the existing episodes here

  • published 28 November 2023
  • modified 28 November 2023