KEM alumni selected to participate in LiM | Less is More

Two Kino Eyes alumni have been selected to participate in LiM | Less is More - The European feature film development programme for committed filmmakers in a changing world.

Nađa Lapčević has been selected as a Development Angel in the 2021 intake of the program, supporting writers to navigate the pre-writing and writing process.

Isaac Knights-Washbourn has been selected for the 2022 intake as a writer, developing his first feature film based in Scotland.

LIM offers a new generation of filmmakers, already known either for their short films or first features, the opportunity of designing a strong route into feature film production using limitations in their development process. Twelve emerging European producers wanting to strengthen their ability to develop projects are coached in parallel and integrate the process. LIM approach is resolutely both conceptual and pragmatic: use limitation as a strength!

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