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Interview with Green Consultant Dörte Schneider

Recently, our coordinator for the Microcredential in Sustainable Audiovisual Production Management - Green Consultant-, Dörte Schneider, provided an insightful interview with the Mutim Association. In this interview, she delved into her role as a Green Consultant in the film industry.

Dörte Schneider is one of the pioneers in Portugal dedicated entirely to the cause of sustainability in the cinematic field, paving the way for more eco-conscious practices in audiovisual production.

The complete interview, where she shares her vision and experience in this ever-evolving landscape, is available on the Mutim website:

And if you aspire, much like Dörte Schneider, to make a difference in audiovisual production through sustainable management, applications for our course are now open! Explore all the possibilities on the Universidade Lusófona website:

Join us on this journey of ecological transformation in the film industry!

  • published 06 September 2023
  • modified 06 September 2023