FilmEU-RIT pilot project invited for two conferences

One of the FilmEU-RIT-pilot-project - "Machine Acts – Collaborative Screenplay Writing with GTP-3" - is invited to 2 conferences:

​​(1) The Digital Creativity, Industry and Culture conference (DCIC 2022) in York, United Kingdom on 20th of September 2022 ​

​(2) Harnessing our potential: Interdisciplinary Research in the Creative and Cultural Industries, in Derby, United Kingdom on 20th of September 2022

​The pilot will be presented by Tobias Frühmorgen, lecturer and researcher at Lusófona University and the team of 8 researchers is from Lusófona University, LUCA School of Arts and BFM. The presentation will showcase the project outline, the research question and first results.

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