FILMEU promotes new lab on videogames and social impact - GLOW

Games and Social Impact Media Research Lab – GLOW – is a collaborative laboratory created as a strategy to aggregate projects based on the changing and inclusive potential of games. Placed on a strong bond between game studies research and the civic society, GLOW intends to foster knowledge exchange in the field, in order to maximize the impact of the developed projects to a broader range of target audiences, primarily the ones that are somehow underrepresented in the game development industry. The lab provides links to different non-commercial projects and games created through a person-centered framework, to foster social change in different areas such as inclusion, education or human rights. Moreover, the laboratory also intends to advance the existing knowledge regarding the relationship between games and social related outcomes, contributing to the production of evidence, new methodologies, and approaches in the field.

GLOW is part of the Film and Media Arts Department of the School of Communication, Arts and Information Technologies (ECATI), from Lusófona University, the coordinator of FILMEU. The research team is made by researchers from different fields and research units of Lusófona University, such as CICANT and HEI-Lab, that are also participating in FILMEU.


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