FilmEU is a Plus

FilmEU Alliance recently responded to the call from the European Commission to answer to the next stage in the European Universities Alliance Initiative, asking for the consolidation towards the deepening, expansion and intensification of the existing cooperation. With this next step, FilmEU will advance ongoing cooperation and transformations involving all higher education institutions (HEIs) participating in the Alliance, which will soon evolve from 4 to 8 full partners.

FilmEU + is an association of eight leading HEIs from across the member states and all parts of Europe. The Alliance is led by Lusófona University from Portugal, and includes original consortium members Luca School of Arts in Belgium, IADT - Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology in Ireland and TLU - Tallinn University, in Estonia, which will be joined by new members VŠMU - Academy of Performing Arts, Slovakia, LMTA - The Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, VIA University College, Denmark, and NATFA - The National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts “Krustyo Sarafov”, from Bulgaria.

What began as four partners during the design phase will now enlarge into an Alliance of eight partners in order to promote a much stronger, richer and more diverse partnership of eight like-minded institutions. We start from a clear disciplinary focus – namely the film and media arts, and now move to embrace the varied domains that the cultural and creative industries encompass.

With FilmEU+ we want to consolidate our manifold but complementary programmes in filmic arts and other diverse but related fields across the cultural and creative industries, in order to further advance the positioning of Europe as a cutting-edge global provider of education, research and innovation in these domains. With FilmEU+ we want to fully attain all features of the new framework for cooperation set out in the European Strategy for Universities.

FilmEU+ builds on the Alliance's previous efforts and results, and will continue to test diverse innovative and structural models for implementing and achieving systemic, structural and sustainable cooperation between participant HEIs.

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