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FilmEU DOCTUS Media Arts Back & Forth


Media Arts Back & Forth

21-22 March 2024

10 AM- 5.30 PM

Lusófona University,

Room Z.0.2 (Day 1)

Auditório Fernando Lopes (Day 2- Morning)

National Museum of Natural History and Science (Day 2- Afternoon)

Coordination: Victor Flores and Wim Forceville

Organization Team: Leen Engelen, Manuel Bogalheiro e Patrícia Franco.

Media Arts Back & Forth — This seminar invites participants to delve into the intersection of the past and future of media arts in virtual and non-virtual environments. The programme features talks by renowned media artists and researchers, a display of artistic VR applications, roundtable discussions to discuss PhD projects and a guided tour of a historical Panorama exhibit where VR and artistic research played a key role.

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  • published 31 January 2024
  • modified 18 February 2024