Fashion Education and ITV Symposium

The Fashion Education and ITV Symposium aims to be a space for reflection where Academia and the Textile and Apparel Industry discuss higher education in Fashion Design, the skills of graduates, the needs of employers, the professional profiles that the market is looking for, in a society undergoing profound change.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated trends that were already being noticed, namely a new consumer profile, digitalization, sustainability and circularity, the discussion on reindustrialization of Europe, and nearshoring.

Given this scenario, it is imperative that companies, institutions, professionals and universities together reflect and discuss, on the one hand, the profiles and appropriate skills and, on the other, the attractiveness and retention of talent by companies, developing the best solutions for higher education for professions in the fashion industry. The Symposium "Fashion Education and ITV - Training Talent for the Fashion Sector" aims to contribute to this reflection and discussion.

This space will bring together professors and researchers, industrialists and entrepreneurs, graduates, professionals working in the labor market in the area of Fashion.

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