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Call open for FilmMemory - new Erasmus Mundus Master

FilmMemory is an Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters (EMJM) organised by LUCA School of Arts (Belgium), Lusófona University (Portugal), IADT (Ireland) and BFM (Estonia). The program deals with audio-visual heritage and with the preservation, restoration and re-utilisation of that heritage in the context of current and evolving screen cultures. The programme partly focuses on working with film archives, but also emphasises other contemporary challenges, including the role of digital media, addressing emerging possibilities regarding the dissemination of film heritage. As a joint master's programme, taught in four countries across Europe, FilmMemory offers a thorough interrogation of European film cultures.

A distinctive feature of our programme is that it is jointly delivered by four Higher Education Institutions and supported by audio-visual archives, film festivals etc. The partners have a different profile but complement each other in important ways. They educate filmmakers and practitioners working within documentary, fiction, and animation. They also train film archivists, preservationists, and curators. In doing so, they offer a theoretical and critical exploration of film and the practice of filmmaking, as well as of researching and valorising film cultures. FilmMemory will play a significant role in providing specialists for audio-visual archives, cinemas, festivals, film funds, journals, museums, digital image processing labs, distribution companies, production companies, publishing/press agencies, and government agencies, where this kind of expertise, and associated skill sets, are in increasingly high demand. The programme also trains filmmakers who want to work creatively and critically with audiovisual heritage.

For each edition, around twenty-four students from all around the world are accepted. Students spend the first semester in Belgium, the second in Portugal and the third in Ireland. During these three semesters, the students all follow the same curriculum on the same location. There is also a structural teacher mobility agreement with Estonia. Finally, during the fourth and final semester, the students still follow the same curriculum and all work on their graduation project. This time, however, they are distributed over the four partner universities. (So some students will spend the fourth semester in Estonia.)

The call for applications is launched, with the first semester starting in September 2024. Students can apply for an EMJM scholarship, which amounts to 1400 EUR per month, for a total duration of 24 months. It includes a waiver for participation fees and covers living costs of the students (travel, accommodation, visa, etc.).

  • published 20 November 2023
  • modified 20 November 2023