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3 Year of FilmEU European University Alliance for Film and Media Arts

It's incredible to think that we've already been on this amazing journey for three years!

From the very beginning, we've been dedicated to fostering creativity, innovation, and research in the field of Film and Media Arts across Europe.

We've had the privilege of collaborating with talented students, teachers, and researchers from various corners of the continent.

It's inspiring to witness the collective growth, the exploration of new ideas, and the unending pursuit of excellence in the world of media arts.

This journey has been filled with outstanding achievements, groundbreaking research, and unforgettable moments.

And the best part is, the adventure is far from over!

In November, FilmEU is set to mark a significant expansion in its consortium, welcoming four distinguished partners into its fold:

  • VŠMU - Academy of Performing Arts (Slovakia)
  • LMTA - The Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre
  • VIA University College (Denmark)
  • NATFA - The National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts “Krustyo Sarafov” (Bulgaria)

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  • published 20 October 2023
  • modified 20 October 2023