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FilmEU Cineclub 26th April

On April 26th, for the next FilmEU CineClub hosted by BFM! We will screen three short films that have been created by BFM's fresh Film Arts alumni as their graduation films.

Forgotten Summer Haze by Teresa Juksaar is about summer reunion, where childhood friends try to remember the details of what happened fifteen years ago, but their memories turn out to be different. A surreal journey begins to try to remember the event, but not everyone stays honest on this journey.

Wishes from the Well by Alesja Suzdaltseva is a story of a man who has fallen between the cracks of life and has to find the missing pennies to buy medicine in the winter before the pharmacy closes. When begging doesn't help, despair drives him to the bottom of the wishing well. However, curiosity brings a little boy to the well, whose wishes the man tries to fulfill for money.

Child´s Play by Silver Õun is about fathers Robert and Mart who teach their sons how to cut down trees to ensure the boys will grow into real men. But when fathers leave their children outside alone, an accident happens that no parent wants to see.

Wednesday 26.04.2023

Ireland and Portugal: 4-5:20 PM

Belgium: 5-6:20 PM

Estonia: 6-7:20 PM

Screening is followed by Q&A with the filmmakers.