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Ruben Vandenborre - 3rd May 13h CET

Next FilmEu Talks Experts on Air we’ll have Ruben Vandenborre as a guest. Ruben Vandenborre is a Flemish screenwriter and director and a graduate of The Luca School of Arts. After graduating with his short film ‘Vriend van Goud’, he gained experience as a producer at Woestijnvis and on the set of fiction productions such as Gent-West.

His heart belongs to the children and family genre and he has written the screenplays for the Flemish-Dutch Netflix Christmas films ‘The Claus Family’, ‘The Claus Family 2’ and ‘The Claus Family 3’. He also directed the second movie and start shooting the third next July.

Besides that, he’s also the producer of ‘Hacked’, the first youth series of his production company Dingie, which won the Short form competition at Cannes.

Join the conversation next Tuesday at 13h CET (Brussels time)!

  • published 10 May 2022
  • modified 10 May 2022