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FilmEU Doctoral Summer Seminar - 10th June 2022

In the scope of FilmEU research activities and with the objective of facilitating and promoting networking between young researchers, the sharing of experiences and methods and the emergence of new collaborative initiatives, FilmEU is promoting during its 2022 summer summit in Dublin on the 10th of June, a one-day Doctoral seminar.

The seminar will consist of students’ presentation of papers or posters of their ongoing work followed by an experts panel and a peer feedback session.

Applications from students at full partner schools for the doctoral seminar should be made by submitting a short proposal thru this form by April 15th.

Selection for participation will be based on the quality of proposal, taking into account how the research is related to the field of Film and Media Arts . Moreover, our aim is to ensure diversity by including students with different disciplinary emphases and at different stages of their PhD trajectory.

The proposal (max 2500 words) must include the following three components:

1) an overview of the PhD project, including research motivations and questions, methods, intended contributions, progress to date, and plans for further research

2) the main challenge(s) one’s facing in their PhD currently, and

3) what one wants to gain from participating in the Doctoral Seminar.

FilmEU will grant each selected student a travel and accommodation scholarship. Each student participating must deliver an oral or poster presentation.

Apply here.

Note: Exclusive FilmEU PhD Students and IADT MA students

  • published 13 April 2022
  • modified 10 October 2022