FILMEU’s main objective is to implement a European University of excellence focused in the fields of Film and Media Arts. Our vision implies that FILMEU must be constituted as an exemplary collaborative structure able to deepen existing cooperation and foster the involved HEI ability to act in the cultural and creative industries and across other societal areas they impact. Film + EU = FILMEU but for us, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Alliance is set to transform existing teaching and learning practices by leveraging our individual strengths across borders while internationalising opportunities and collaboration for students and faculty alike. Our core innovation is simple, we break free from institutional, departmental and national silos to embrace interdisciplinary explorations that put creativity and media literacy at the centre of the teaching and learning process. Through this, both students and teachers become creative leaders in a diverse Europe and beyond. We abide by these central tenets:

  • Challenge-based learning is critical to innovation;
  • Digital media dominates the landscape and is both a tool for and a product of creative learning;
  • Rapidly evolving media technology demands elastic sensibilities across the knowledge triangle;
  • Cross-border and cross-curricular methodologies define our pedagogy
  • Common but flexible curricula empower students and faculty;
  • Mobility for students and faculty (physical and virtual) is fundamental to European values and the relevance of teaching, learning, and research;
  • Innovative artistic research activities lead to meaningful collaborations with industry, government and cultural stakeholders;

To support these tenets, the Alliance will enact a variety of infrastructures that will efficiently enable our goals, including joint governance and Q&A structures, shared academic and administrative digital resources, a common and original mobility matrix supported by harmonised curricula and seamless processes, common virtual and physical structures, rigorous professional development and student support mechanisms. FILMEU will transform our Universities via the leveraging of curricula and common innovative pedagogical approaches that promote team and project based cross-disciplinary project driven education. FILMEU will transform our Universities by interlinking teaching and artistic research amidst new forms of virtual and physical mobility supported by the shared use of physical and virtual structures that will benefit more than 2500 students and 650 teachers and researchers. FILMEU will transform our Universities into a single entity with multiple campuses across Europe that offer artistic education and research in a unified manner.
By 2025 FILMEU must be constituted as an exemplary collaborative structure able to deepen the cooperation between all members of the Alliance and foster their ability to act locally, regionally and globally. The Alliance will shepherd into the approaching mid-century new leaders in academic inquiry and content creation, poised to wrestle with the evolving media challenges of this century and make meaningfully positive contributions to an ever-more mediatized world.

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