László Koppány Csáji

Attorney at law, cultural and social anthropologist, screenwriter, writer. Studies: 1. ELTE Faculty of Law (Budapest) – doctor degree (1996) 2. BJKMF Military Logistics (Budapest) – BA degree (1996) 3. PTE Department of Ethnography and Cultural Anthropology (Pécs, Hungary) – BA, MA, PhD degree (2020) Affiliations: 1. Hungarian Bar Association, Budapest Bar Association (1999-) 2. FilmJus (producer, lawyer, screenwriter) (2004-) 3. SIEF – International Society for Ethnology and Folklore (board member of YSWG) (2015-) 4. Hungarian Cultural Anthropological Association (supervisory board member) (2015-) 5. Hungarian Ethnographical Society (2014-) 6. Hungarian Writers’ Society (2015-) Works at: – director (owner) of the Dr. CSÁJI Law Firm (Dr. CSÁJI Ügyvédi Iroda, 1136 Budapest, 21 Balzac street 21.) – legal activity: commercial and economic law, civil law, real estate law Films: – Scriptwriter and producer: 20 documentary films (about his ethnological fieldworks in India, Pakistan, China, Russia) (2001-2014), one documentary movie film (2014) for the Hungarian State Television, one short movie (2019) – best screenwriter award for historical movies (Hungarian Film Institute, NFI) for treatment, the screenplay was accepted for implementation (2020) – His short movie (Freedom, fight, 2019) was voted into the finals in international film festival Writer: – He wrote 10 books – two contains short stories, two poetic travelogue, two poems, three scientific books and a translation of an archaic folklore epos (Manas) – Editor: Napkút Publishing House; literature journal (Napút) Scientific fields: anthropological (ethnological) researches, discourse analysis, cognitive semantics, ethnicity studies

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