Jodie Baltazar

A life of multidisciplinary, experimental art practice encompassing music, performance, film, sculpture, and social practice. Over twenty years experience producing and managing film/media/software projects and products in the fields of advertising, entertainment, art, and education. Ten years of teaching including four at the International BA program in English (Film directing & Videogames, Cinematography) at the Warsaw Film School. Has insight into the challenges students and schools face in super-diverse and second-language programs. Holds an MFA in Cinematic arts (Film/TV) from the University of Southern California & a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan. Topics of artistic interest or research have included critical study of games; human/animal/plant/machine relationships; interactive aesthetics; Eastern European animation; No wave music; Women electronic composers; Film noir; Science fiction; Children’s TV/film. I care deeply about ecology, progressive pedagogy, health, inclusion, diversity, and tolerance. I adore robots, primates, monsters, mushrooms, dirt, ink, paper, kimchi, Toshiro Mifune, and weird children. Strengths: creative thinking, problem-solving, writing, organizing, optimism.

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Coordinating University Film and Media Arts Department


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