Gabor Erdélyi Jr

His childhood was filled with passion for music and musical studies with the support of his father, a sound engineer and his music teacher mother. After studying at the Jazz Department of the Liszt Ferenc College of Music a 30-year film sounding era followed in the R.D.I studio, which has been operating in the family business since 1991, and the computer sound processing was first used in Hungary. With creative contributions to nearly 100 feature films, in which he learned and applied sound editing, various sound design, and then sound mixing processes on a professional level. In his work, he strives for maximalism, but always keeps in mind what the film has to say. 2010-2016 He is the sound designer of the Neocoregames videogame software development company. 2019 Graduated composer from the Franz Liszt Academy of Music. He is currently an MA graduate student and is expected to receive a master’s degree in June 2021. He specializes in the management of ambisonic space. Awards 2009 – Berlinale – Best Sound Design Silver Bear / 2013 – Mumbai filmfestival – Best Sound / 2018 – Shohum Shah: Tumbbad – 2018 Best ASIA film – associated sound / In 2020, his multichannel piece won the Palace Arts composer’s competition. Since 2018, he has been teaching film sound design in the Moholy-Nagy Art University. In 2021, he was asked to fill the position of class teacher at SZFE.

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