FilmEU Summit 2021 21st-24th September


This year for the first time, FIILMEU the european university of film and media arts will held its first yearly summit. This is a regular event yearly promoted by this new european University as an ocassion to show progress in the development of the project and share results with the broader academic community of the four HEI that integrate FILMEU. The 2021 edition of this summit will be held in Lisbon between the 21st and the 24th of September 2021. Besides several meetings and gatherings between involved stakeholders, from teachers to students and other organizations partnering with FILMEU, the summit will also include a show case of some of the best projects developed by FILMEU students in the past years, besides an international conference on the “Challenges and Opportunities” setting up a European University in the field of the Arts entails.

All events will be online. Sessions open for the public: teachers, researchers, staff, students and everyone interested in film and media arts. Attendance is free of charge, but registration is needed:

21st September

15h – 16h30 (WET)/ 16h – 17h30 (CET)

17h (WET)/ 18h (CET)

  • FilmEU Showcase Screening

19h30 (WET)/ 20h30(CET)

  • Welcoming drinks

22nd September

9h30 (WET)/ 10h30 (CET)

  • Academic Council (Closed Session)
  • FILMEU Conference

11h45 – 12h30 (WET)/ 12h45 – 13h30 (CET) LINK HERE

“The role of the cultural and creative sectors in the recovery of a post covid Europe” –
  • Key Note speakers:
    • Anna Valtonen
      Aalto University, Finland
    • Maria Silvia Gatta
      European Commission, DG CNECT, Communications Networks, Content & Technology, I.3 Unit – Audiovisual Industry & media programmes, Belgium
  • Moderator:
    Manuel José Damásio
    Lusófona University, Portugal

14h (WET) / 15h (CET) LINK HERE

  • Presentation FilmEU
  • Challenge – Samsara Model
    • Érica Rodrigues
      Lusófona University, Portugal
    • Marc Van De Walle
      LUCA, Belgium
    • Linda Carroll
      IADT, Ireland
    • Jodie Baltazar
      SZFE, Hungary

14h30 – 14h45 (WET)/ 15h30 – 15h45 (CET) LINK HERE

“The CCI sector in a post-covid Europe: Future challenges to Academia and the Industry"
  • Welcoming speech:
    Nuno Artur Silva
    Secretary of State for Film, Audiovisual and Media, Portugal
  • Round Tables

14h50 (WET)/ 15h50 (CET) LINK HERE

Challenges to Industry
  • Speakers
    • Nuno Bernardo
      Beactive, Portugal
    • Camille Pollie
      VRT, Belgium
    • Gonçalo Galvão Teles
      Fado Filmes, Portugal
  • Moderator:
    Barry Dignam
    IADT, Ireland
  • Students Moderating:
    • Sophie Quin
      IADT, Ireland
    • Ella Esposito
      LUCA, Belgium

16h30 (WET)/ 17h30 (CET) LINK HERE

Challenges to Academia
  • Speakers
    • Elen Lotman
      BFM, Estonia
    • Tim Conlon
      Higher Education Authority – HEA, Ireland
    • Anna Heiskanen
      Aalto University, Finland
    • Paulo Cunha
      UBI, Portugal
  • Moderator:
    Rónán Ó’Muirthile
    IADT, Ireland
  • Students Moderating:
    • Alessandra Roucos
      Lusófona University, Portugal
    • Krisztián Kovács
      SZFE, Hungary

17h30 (WET)/ 18h30 (CET) LINK HERE

Challenges to Research
  • Speakers
    • Nico Carpentier
      Charles University, Czech Republic
    • Fredo De Smet
      VRT, Belgium
    • Stoffel Debuysere
      Courtisane, Belgium
    • Anne O’Brien
      Maynooth University, Ireland
  • Moderator:
    Veerle Van der Sluys
    LUCA, Belgium
  • Students Moderating:
    • Anastasiya Maksymchuk
      Lusófona University, Portugal
    • Carina Erdmann
      LUCA, Belgium

23rd September

09h – 17h (WET) / 10h – 18h (CET)

  • WPs meetings
  • How to build a European University (Closed Session)

24th September

09h – 17h (WET) / 10h – 18h (CET)

  • Team work

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